The main points of credit.

I wish this would reach everyone in the world. 

Unfortunately in this day and age credit means a lot. If you wish to make any sort of large purchase whether it be your first home or an RV for retirement plan, you must either have the cash or the credit. Your credit report is a snapshot of how likely you are to repay the loan you are requesting. In most cases it will also determine the type of interest rate you qualify for thereby how much you will pay overall for your purchase. I know this may sound like common sense but not everyone is aware of this. You pay for your credit and you pay in interest, I want to help you pay a little less.

Mr. 800 Credit Score purchases a vehicle for $20,000 he qualifies for floor rate of 1.99%
Mr. 500 Credit Score purchased the same vehicle for the same price but has a 18.00% rate
Over the course of the loan Mr. 500 is going to pay more that 2 times what Mr. 800 paid for his.

1. On time payments are on the top of my list. Even if you have to pay the minimum payment, do it in an effort to avoid any type of derogatory mark.

2. Monitor your credit. I use one of the free sites to watch changes and it helps me see what I can do to give my score a boost. Although I will say the score they provide vs. when I have had my credit pull is never the same. So take the score they give you and keep in mind it could in reality be lower than that.

3. The rule of 70, 50, 30 for your credit cards. Keep 70% of your line available for use, which leave 30% of a balance owed, but never go over 50% of your line. Which we all live in the real world and it happens from time to time. In these cases look at trying to get it paid down at least under the 50%.

4. Time, it all takes time. Nothing will happen over night and there are not instant fixes.