My story so far…


First, thank you for taking interest in my blog. I am a wife to a good man and a mother to two wild boys living in Florida. I have worked for my Credit Union over 11 years and made a career for myself that I was not expecting. I have accomplished several roles within the financial industry, including but not limited to teller, collections clerk, collections officer, and now branch manager. Outside of all the above I also am a certified yoga instructor, I found a passion for yoga when I was working late nights in the collection department and needed a getaway. As a Florida native water is a vital life source. There is saltwater coursing through my veins.

Throughout my time working at a Credit Union I have learned a great deal about budgeting, credit, and life in general. Here is where I will leave my thoughts, some opinions and lots of advice. I know what I have to say will not help everyone but my hope is that this will reach someone and make a difference to them.


Wish me luck and happy reading,




Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve — J.K. Rowling